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NB,NW,DPR_FOLLOW on TWITTERMany of you have been following us on our Facebook pages, both Nalandabodhi and Nalanda West, and we love connecting with you there. Thanks!

And you’ve probably seen our YouTube videos on NalandabodhiTV.

Nalandabodhi’s YouTube channel has seven great playlists, including Buddhist Studies, Guided Meditations, and Questions & Answers featuring  short interviews with the Nalandabodhi Mitras, as well as personal shares from Nalandabodhi students. Here are a few of our favorite Q&A videos from Mitra Tyler Dewar, Mitra Karl Brunnhoelzl, Mitra Lee Worley, and Mitra Mark Power.

NB,NW,DPR_FOLLOW on YOUTUBEIf you enjoy watching the videos of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche that are regularly featured on our Home page on nalandabodhi.org, you can also catch clips of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings on RebelBuddhaTV. Gems like this clip are too good to miss). But you may not have realized that you can stay in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram, too!

On Twitter @NalandabodhiUS and @nalandawest, we share inspiring reflections and stories from around the dharma community, news articles on Nalandabodhi sangha and Nalanda West teachings, as well as alerts about our newest videos on YouTube. Connecting with us on Twitter is a great way to find out what’s happening in the world of 21st century buddhism, in Nalandabodhi as well as with our friends in other dharma communities.

NB,DPR_FOLLOW_INSTAGRAM_temp_NO ACCT NAMESIf you like sharing pictures on your phone, check us out on Instagram at @nalandabodhi. We’re looking forward to sharing the images from the world of #buddhiststudy, #meditation, and #mindfulactivity, through our eyes and the eyes of #dharma #community #friends!

Wherever you like to connect, on social media or right here on our website, you can keep in touch with Nalandabodhi, Nalanda West, and our kind teachers, including our much-loved guide and director, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Is there anything you’d like to see from us — here or on social media — that you haven’t been able to find? Let us know about it on Nalandabodhi or Nalanda West Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Tell us your ideas! We’d love to hear them. It gives us something to do when we’re not meditating. (Just kidding, we meditate all the time. This post was actually written in meditation.)

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