With love to the Karmapa, offerings in honor of his return to Seattle

FB_HHKgift01Have you ever wished for the opportunity to offer a gift, to share a meal, or to arrange a bouquet of flowers for His Holiness Karmapa?

What if we could offer that opportunity, would you take it?

Wherever you are in the world, we ask for your help to let friends and well-wishers know they can offer love and support–in any amount of $1.00 or more–for His Holiness’ visit to Seattle, by clicking here. It’s easy to share the link!

Imagine watching the live webcast feed of the public talk and seeing the beautiful arrangement of flowers next to His Holiness Karmapa, and knowing that your donations helped place them there. Or, perhaps the dinner that His Holiness eats after the evening talk is supported by your donation. Maybe your gift will make a special welcoming or a special farewell possible to offer His Holiness Karmapa. Your donations will go toward making all of these wishes and more come true.

We are asking everyone to share this opportunity with your friends — via Facebook, Twitter, email, and good old word of mouth. It’s an easy way to help people support His Holiness to benefit sentient beings, no matter where we are in the world!

As His Holiness’ “Aspiration for the World” says, “May we fulfill our countless and boundless wishes!” We thank you.


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