At his North American seat, HH Karmapa confers blessings and teachings

Karmapa 2His Holiness Karmapa recently gave a series of teachings to the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra community in Woodstock, New York. On April 17th, HH Karmapa arrived at KTD Monastery, his North American seat established by the 16th Karmapa over 30 years ago. Upon his arrival HH Karmapa made prayers and gave blessings to the attendees. The following day His Holiness gave a teaching on taking refuge, which he decribed to be the essence of Dharma. Later that afternoon, HH Karmapa conferred the refuge vow in Sanskrit to over 1,5000 participants Kingston, New York. The following days His Holiness gave the Karma Pakshi empowerment, the guru yoga practice for the second Kamapa. He later taught on the  foundational Buddhist principles based on the four dharmas of Gampopa to the KTD community. His Holiness also visited a local Christian Orthodox church and gave a teaching to the Woodstock community in honor of Earth Day.

Here is the video of HH Karmapa’s teaching on the meaning of refuge in Kingston:

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