DPR Office

The purpose of DPR Office (dprO) is to support Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in his projects and activities. The secretaries and teams in dprO help Rinpoche communicate with the sangha and the Nalandabodhi administrators, as well as with related and external organizations.

Cindy Shelton (Chief of Staff) – Cindy, along with Chris Stagg, is responsible for the overall vision of dprO, and executing and keeping track of all of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s many projects. Cindy’s specific areas include publications and finance.
Contact for: Any general questions or concerns regarding Rinpoche’s activity, budget and finance for dprO, and anything related to Rinpoche’s publications. cindy@dproffice.com

Chris Stagg (Deputy Chief of Staff and Scheduling) – Chris supports Cindy Shelton in maintaining the overall vision of dprO and specifically helps with Rinpoche’s teaching schedule. Contact for: Any general concerns regarding Rinpoche’s activity, and questions related to Nalandabodhi Europe and Nitartha Institute. Chris also receives any invitations for Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche or questions about Rinpoche’s teaching schedule. chris@dproffice.com.

Kim Haroche (Assistant to the Chief of Staff) – kim@dproffice.com

Ben Mikolaj (Personal Secretary to DPR) – Ben assists with Rinpoche’s daily schedule, personal needs, and day-to-day communications. Chris also serves as the primary contact for communication with Rinpoche’s personal students.
Contact for: “On-the-ground” communication for programs and events, and personal student correspondence including requests for interviews. (Please contact Chris Stagg  at chris@dproffice.com until February 2018 as Ben is on temporary leave.)

Tendzin Namdak (Tenam) (Attendant and Tibetan Needs) – Tenam is Rinpoche’s long time personal attendant and assists Rinpoche with personal needs and issues related to the larger Tibetan community.
Contact: tenam@dproffice.com

Ceci Miller (Communications & IT) – Ceci is responsible for outreach to the general public, marketing and publicity, and development and maintenance of Rinpoche’s various media outlets. Ceci also oversees IT concerns for dprO.
Contact for: Issues regarding media, publicity, and outreach. ceci@dproffice.com

Midori Nakamura and Stella Young (Household and Travel) – Midori and Stella look after Rinpoche’s personal residence needs, and help with booking travel. Midori and Stella also follow up with organizations that host Rinpoche for any financial considerations.
Contact for: Financial reimbursements for DPR visits. midori@dproffice.com or stella@dproffice.com

Colleen Paul (Family Correspondent and Care) – Colleen helps in caring for Rinpoche’s family.
Contact: colleen@dproffice.com


Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

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