Contact Information

Your Need  Primary Contact Person Email Address

For matters concerning Nitartha Publications, Tibetan communications, KTGR nunneries, and Rinpoche’s projects in Tibet.

Lama Tenam

For matters concerning teaching invitations or scheduling, and for projects connected to Nitartha Institute.

Chris Stagg

For assistance with student correspondence and interview requests, as well as communications regarding Rinpoche’s on-the-ground travel / accommodations arrangements, program schedules, and other key areas.

Chris Stagg

For correspondence relating to Nalandabodhi Administration (Karma Sangha Board, NBNA, NECC, NB CENTERS), and Karma Sangha PM activities and projects (Marpa Foundation, Zabsang Shedrup), as well as other dharma centers.

Cindy Shelton

For matters connected to Karmapa Foundation, Nitartha international, governmental or legal matters, and initial contact for any other inquiry not falling into the categories above.

Martin Marvet

For matters relating to DPR’s and Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche’s household in Seattle.

Midori Nakamura

For Rinpoche’s household and family care.

Colleen Paul