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Our administration consists of numerous dedicated leadership groups below, each vital to the work of Nalandabodhi.

Also known as dprO, this group supports Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in his projects and activities.

This group supports the projects and activities of Nalandabodhi’s Mitras, our Western senior teachers. The Mitra Council Office helps the Mitras as they supervise the paths of Study, Meditation, and Mindful Activity.

The NBI senior administrative team is responsible for strategic and day-to-day operations of Nalandabodhi International.

This group gathers, organizes, stores, and grants access to written, audio, and video recordings of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings.

National, Regional, and Local Administration

The leadership groups below ensure that the legal responsibilities and obligations of own locales are fulfilled. They also provide guidance and direction for their locales, and contribute collaboratively to the leadership of our international community.

Karma Sangha is the Nalandabodhi (United States) Board of Directors. This group is responsible for safeguarding the financial and legal health of Nalandabodhi US, as well as establishing policies and procedures that support the implementation of Rinpoche’s vision.

The NB Canada Executive Board provides guidance, direction, and administrative support to Canadian Nalandabodhi centers in addition to participating in international decision-making.

For information about our activities in Europe, see our list of Centers and Study Groups.

For information about our activities in Asia, see our list of Centers and Study Groups.

For information about our activities in Latin America, see our list of Centers and Study Groups.

Each Nalandabodhi center and study group has its own administration led by the director(s) or council in that particular location. To contact a local center, please see our list of Centers and Study Groups.