Studying, questioning and learning with others in a community of awakening engages your heart as well as your mind.

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Relaxing your mind opens up a space to investigate how it colors and creates your experience.

Learn more about the Path of Meditation

Once we join practice with day-to-day life, every corner of our world offers us a way to explore wakefulness.

Learn about the Path of Mindful Activity

When sitting meditation is practiced over time, the mind begins to fall naturally into a resting state, which allows us to be fully present  in our life.

Learn How to Meditate

Path of Study

Develop Understanding

Study develops your capacity to understand your life and choices with greater precision and awareness.

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Path of Meditation

Develop a Relaxed Focus

With understanding, your confidence increases. You begin to rest, relax, and open your mind. Meditation helps you get to know and accept yourself, and to focus your mind on your goals.

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Path of Mindful Activity

Develop Daily Intention

By bringing meditation’s spaciousness and clarity of intention into your everyday activities, you can find joy in working for yourself and others.

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How to Meditate

Two-minute Meditation

Choose a meditation experience to let go of your day’s stress. Rest, relax, and open your mind.

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