Practice Instructors

Practice Instructors (PIs) are Nalandabodhi practitioners who have been students of Buddhism for some time, have completed their preliminary (ngondro) practices and the Path of Study courses, and have made a strong aspiration to benefit the Nalandabodhi community (sangha) by working with others as a guide to their practice. Practice Instructors have also been trained and approved by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche to do this work.


Take the Courses
In Nalandabodhi each person has either a PI, or a Practice “buddy,” depending on their situation and level of practice. We are encouraged to practice and discuss our practice together.


Although PIs are intended for Nalandabodhi members only, non-members can request to have a PI for six months, to help them decide if they’d like to become a member of Nalandabodhi.


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