Mind Without Borders Prison Project

Mind Without Borders is a prison dharma program based out of Nalandabodhi New York sangha. The project provides Buddhist study through correspondence courses, dharma pen pals, and meditation instructors.

Nalandabodhi New York also nurtures Buddhist study and meditation groups within some prisons and sends DVDs for inmates to view and discuss together.

Mind Without Borders is currently working with 72 active members from the prison population. Nalandabodhi study books have been shipped to over 35 facilities nationwide.

How can you participate and support this project?

  • Become a pen pal! Correspond with with both male and female prison inmates who are interested in the dharma and meditation. Correspondence is anonymously handled through the Mind Without Borders P.O. Box. You can contact MWB about volunteering here.
  • Join the MWB Facebook group here
  • Make a donation to MWB so that we can support prisoners on the path with study materials.

Thank you for your interest and support!