Special Projects


Thank you. Your donations make a difference, no matter the size.


Nalandabodhi Websites Redesign

Our Nalandabodhi websites are aging, and in need of a refresh! This redesign will make our websites more accessible, relevant, and welcoming to those that are interested in Nalandabodhi. In addition, our Center and Study Group websites will be updated to provide more helpful functionality and ease of use for both our administrators and members.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche Archive

The DPR Archive collects, stores, and preserves all of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings in audio and video format. In addition to supporting the ongoing care of these resources, funding is also needed to start making them more accessible. The Archive is currently working towards making select recordings easily available to Nalandabodhi members and the general public as a part of NBI’s digital infrastructure refresh and upgrades.

Integrated Web Resources

A way to make private areas of our online resources accessible to our Nalandabodhi members is a critical part of the work being done on our digital infrastructure. In order to accomplish this, we are creating a secure framework to enable an online Nalandabodhi members-only area, with controlled access to restricted content for the sangha.

Turning the Wheel of Nalandabodhi

You can make a sustained and meaningful impact by pledging a monthly, recurring donation to help turn the wheel of Nalandabodhi International. Whether it’s a contribution to one of these specific projects or to our general One Heart Mandala Fund, each sangha member’s participation creates the conditions for Nalandabodhi’s beneficial activities to keep turning.

Once a project is fully funded, any additional contributions will be applied to one of the other projects or the general One Heart Mandala Fund, which includes Rinpoche and teacher support. Feel free to let us know if you have a second choice. Please contact us at fundraising@nalandabodhi.org for more details.