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Getting to Know Your Mind in Meditation – with Lee Worley

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What’s the secret to developing a consistent practice of meditation? Lee Worley, senior Western meditation teacher in Nalandabodhi and Naropa University professor, tells us what it takes!

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“Why Meditate?” with Lee Worley

“Why do it? Well, that’s a personal question. It’s not like ‘The reason you should meditate is because . . . .” It’s ‘What’s going on with you?’” — Lee Worley

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The Paramita of Meditation – with Mitra Lee Worley


What makes meditation a paramita? Paramita: To cross over to the other shore; also translated as “perfection.” What sort of perfect meditation could provide a boat for the journey to nirvana?

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Staying in My Cave


What does it mean to practice the discipline of meditation, when your kids or your co-workers are driving you nuts? When you keep making mistakes? If you can’t get away to a cave, how can you face your demons? As a young and starry-eyed Buddhist, I thought Milarepa was the most romantic figure imaginable and […]

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road


What does it really mean to be a Buddhist? How can we take what we learn by studying the teachings of the Buddha, and what we experience in our meditation practice — and put it to work in our lives, moment by moment. When we think of being a “Buddhist” and following the Buddha’s teachings, […]

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