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How to practice meditation in your busy life: View the world as your cave

Meditation Practice: View the world as your cave

The following post, “Staying in My Cave” by Mitra Lee Worley, is part of a series by Nalandabodhi Mitras on American Buddhism. What does it mean to practice the discipline of meditation, when your kids or your co-workers are driving you nuts? When you keep making mistakes? If you can’t get away to a cave, how […]

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Getting to Know Your Mind in Meditation – with Lee Worley

Mitra Lee Worley_Screen Shot_Getting to Know Yr Mind_2

What’s the secret to developing a consistent practice of meditation? Lee Worley, senior Western meditation teacher in Nalandabodhi and Naropa University professor, tells us what it takes!

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Mitra Lee Worley: On Getting Mind to Stay


                          Little mind, please stay Please don’t always run away. What is it that alarms you? Or is it laziness that casts you adrift As if there was some place to go?   You act like a teenager, itching to leave home But […]

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