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Open Webcast! “Awake in Seattle” Teachers at Nalanda West

You’re warmly invited to join us for a live webcast of the two panel discussions with revered Buddhist teachers during Nalanda West’s Awake in Seattle — a lively weekend celebrating meditation and contemplative arts from Nov 15-16 at Nalanda West, hosted by Nalandabodhi volunteers.

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Is Compassion Innate or Developed? with Mark Power

Mark Power_Compassion_Video screen shot

Mark Power, senior Western teacher of Nalandabodhi, talks about how we come to develop compassion. Hint: It’s not a “project”!

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Transcendent Discipline


by Mitra Mark Power Thank you, Nalandabodhi Canada, for permission to repost the monthly selection from your new Paramita of the Month series of email posts, featuring inspiring teachings by our beloved Mitras. The second installment in the series focuses on the paramita of discipline, with Mitra Mark Power.  Enjoy! In the poem “Midnight Freedom” Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche instructs: “If you […]

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Family Life as a Spiritual Path


Why do we feel especially triggered by family relationships? How can we transform challenging moments with our family and use those triggers effectively on our path?

From my perspective, family life and relationship are among the most obvious and paradoxical of paths on which to practice the dharma. Nowhere are we more triggered nor more loving. In one moment, something our partner / child / parent does fills us with joy, and then suddenly, in the next moment, something they say hits us just the wrong way and we’re ready to live a life of solitude!

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road


What does it really mean to be a Buddhist? How can we take what we learn by studying the teachings of the Buddha, and what we experience in our meditation practice — and put it to work in our lives, moment by moment. When we think of being a “Buddhist” and following the Buddha’s teachings, […]

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Sweeping the Shrine Room Floor


In his earliest teachings, the Buddha taught that the “wheel of action” begins with sweeping the shrine room floor, with mindfulness and awareness, of course. We sweep the floor mindfully and we accumulate something called “merit.” Sounds like a good deal, but as Westerners, we have two things to figure out before we can take […]

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