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Happy Lunar New Year

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche sends his wishes for a Happy Lunar New Year.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche sends his greetings to friends and sangha members worldwide, with wishes for a  Happy Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster Happy Lunar New Year! Nalandabodhi centers around the world are celebrating the Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Losar in Tibetan. Every year in the Tibetan calendar is associated with an […]

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road


What does it really mean to be a Buddhist? How can we take what we learn by studying the teachings of the Buddha, and what we experience in our meditation practice — and put it to work in our lives, moment by moment. When we think of being a “Buddhist” and following the Buddha’s teachings, […]

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Sweeping the Shrine Room Floor


In his earliest teachings, the Buddha taught that the “wheel of action” begins with sweeping the shrine room floor, with mindfulness and awareness, of course. We sweep the floor mindfully and we accumulate something called “merit.” Sounds like a good deal, but as Westerners, we have two things to figure out before we can take […]

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