Be Wise, Go Kind, Live Fully. - Nalandabodhi International
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Be Wise, Go Kind, Live Fully.

Nalandabodhi is a global community offering the timeless wisdom and boundless compassion of the Buddha to inspire individuals and create kind communities in today’s world, founded by the Buddhist master Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Seeking inspiration and support for practice?

Join our online programs & talks

Mahamudra Online Retreat

Mahamudra is the natural state of our being –– a life-changing practice that extracts the essential points of the Buddha’s teachings. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche will be giving key instructions during an Online Retreat and Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen will lead the actual meditation practice.

Kindly join us for this very rare opportunity to receive teachings and engage in the practice of this ancient wisdom tradition known as Mahamudra.

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Connecting with Buddha nature

According to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, a person’s true nature – buddha nature – is the foundation from which all wisdom develops.

In this series of eight classes, Acharya Tashi will teach on the writings of the Third Karmapa Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339) with a focus on bringing the teachings into practice.

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Mitra Talks: More than mindfulness—mindless Mahāmudrā

“Meditation” does not mean meditating on something; rather, it means to become familiar with the nature of our mind. (Milarepa). This Mitra talk will be the first in a series, taught by Mitra Dean Karl Brunnhölzl, exploring the meaning of Mahāmudrā and the role of mindfulness in this, from a beginner up to “mindless Mahāmudrā.”

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Train in bodhicitta through Lojong

Lojong is a mind-training practice that centers on a set of 59 slogans. The practice, created by Atisha (980-1052 CE), aims to help practitioners train in bodhicitta. Nalandabodhi New York invites both experienced and new practitioners to join these weekly mind-training sessions.

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The three excellences

It is said that in order for our dharma practice to be fully engaged and connected, it must be embraced by the Three Excellences. During our weekend retreat, Lama Rabten will explain these, how to apply them in practice, and why they are important.

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See all our events, and kindly join our Sunday Teachings and Mitra Talks.

Curious how to integrate study & meditation in today's world?

Read our articles written by members of our community
contemplating their own life and offering practices to apply directly.

The author shares thoughts on the indestructible nature of oneself taught in Vajrayana Buddhism, and shares a practice for generating loving-kindness and courage to be vulnerable.

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The author describes how mindfulness can be applied when listening with empathy, and offers helpful tips.

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A childhood experience of openness provides the author a reference point for impartiality and lack of bias. Included is a contemplation exercise for stretching beyond familiar concepts.

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Want to break free of fear and search for timeless wisdom and meaning?

Nalandabodhi offers a genuine path to cultivate an awakened heart and peaceful
mind in order to be wise, go kind, and live fully.

Path of Study

Study helps you understand your life and the choices you make with greater precision and awareness.

Path of Meditation

Meditation opens your mind so you can get to know and accept yourself, and then experience the world with greater kindness and compassion.

Path of
Mindful Activity

Mindful activity makes every moment meaningful, allowing you to find joy in every aspect of your life and interactions with others.

What makes for a meaningful life?

Listen to our podcast Taking a Leap on SoundCloud or read the conversations here about going on a spiritual journey and walking a Buddhist path to find freedom and genuine happiness.

Express your heart: Taking a Leap with Katiana Rangel

When things fall apart in life, what do you do? How can we work with our emotions from moment to moment? What is the relationship between meditation, compassion and devotion? In this podcast Taking a Leap you can listen to the conversation with Katiana about these questions and how expressing our heart can transform our lives and those of others.

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Connect with our global community.