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2013: Celebrating dharma treasures received and shared


In 2013, our Nalandabodhi sangha received an abundance of dharma treasures, and together, we shared them widely. Boundless appreciation for our sangha volunteers, who participated in creating these opportunities for so many to connect with the heart of awakening! Our hearts are filled with profound gratitude, most especially for our one and only Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche! We dedicate all this for DPR’s health and long life, and for all of our teachers. There is no Nalandabodhi without you, Rinpoche. We love you!

Please join us in ensuring these treasures remain strong and alive in this world. 

Dharma Teachings

  • Magnificent teachings for our sangha. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and our NB teachers gave priceless teachings at our 2013 Sangha Retreat at NalandaWest, and at centers and study groups throughout the globe.
  • Remarkable programs for the general public. DPR generously and tirelessly toured the Northeast United States, Europe, and Asia, offering the general public remarkable teachings, supported by the dedicated efforts of our NB members. The centers in the Northeast US, together with Nalandabodhi US, sponsored the purchase of the DVDs from this tour to share with all NB centers internationally.
  • Ongoing dharma classes, programs, and workshops. Our NB centers and study groups hosted countless dharma classes and programs. Judging from the comments of participants, these opportunities made an incalculable difference in the lives of so many.

Further development of our outstanding Nalandabodhi study and meditation courses

Our sangha sponsored the publication of new Nalandabodhi course materials.

  • Path of Study. The Vajrayana binder was completed, with both the Mahamudra and Dzogchen sourcebooks.
  • Path of Meditation
    • New Songs of Realization book: significantly revised and expanded!
    • New Hinayana Meditation binder: with new editions of Knowing Oneself, and Basics of Analytical Meditation, reprint of Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and practices of vipashyana from Bodhi magazine
    • New Mahayana Meditation binder: with new versions of Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness and 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva; and The Four Reminders;
    • New Mahamudra Meditation binder
    • New Vajrasattva Meditation binder

  • A big thank you to all the NB members who participated in preparing the contents (transcription, editing), publishing them, and sponsoring these so they could come to fruition.

Sharing Nalandabodhi with the world

  • Launch of our new website on Losar 2013.  This enormous endeavor was completed due to the participation of numerous sangha volunteers. Watch for the NB members’ site in 2014!

Community Service

  • Serving at-risk children: “One Day, One Community, One Common Thing” project.  Inspired by Rinpoche’s call to serve our local communities as one Nalandabodhi International family, together we organized efforts throughout the world to help children in need—engaging in a variety of activities such as donating food, clothing, books, and funds for those less fortunate.
  • Serving prisoners. Nalandabodhi members throughout the world visit prisoners interested in studying dharma and practicing meditation, and maintain supportive dharma friendships through mail correspondence.
  • Serving the homeless. Sangha members also regularly serve meals and provide other support for the homeless in Colorado and elsewhere.
  • Providing health care. Our Bodhi Seeds project provides health care and medicine to children and monastics at Rumtek Monastery in India and other communities in need.

For these, and so many other activities we are not able to mention in this short space, we rejoice! We are filled with gratitude at the chance to share this abundance of dharma treasure with a world so badly in need of love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

Be part of planting and nurturing the seeds of genuine happiness for all by giving at whatever level you can.  The amount is not as important as your participation — every drop of love and kindness matters!


 Give online

 Or via mail: Maintaining the Mandala Fund, NalandaWest, 3902 Woodland Park Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103 USA.

Questions or comments? Contact: fundraising@nalandabodhi.org

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