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Thank you to our dharma friends in Mexico!

DPR-2014_Mexico City-with-baby-fatherA big heartfelt thank you to our friends in Mexico who so kindly shared Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings with everyone who tuned into the webcast!

Here is an account from one of the organizers of the teaching event in Mexico City.

DPR-2014-Mexico City-James Gritz“Over 160 new and old friends gathered in Mexico City March 28 – 30, while 300 more joined in via webcast, to listen to Rinpoche’s teachings about the road to freedom (Rebel Buddha) and liberation from the eight fears (Tara). Rejoicing in Rinpoche’s return to Mexico, we felt the compassion, love and beauty of Tara filling our hearts.

Thank you to Comunidad Dharmadatta and for making Rinpoche’s teachings available far and wide, through their support of the webcast. May we have the great fortune to gather together again in Mexico with Rinpoche soon, and may many benefit!”

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Photos by James Gritz and Carlos Ferreyros.



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NB Mexico-2014-Students-audience-DPR teachings

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