2016 Tara Drupchen at Nalanda West

We’d like to invite you to a profound ceremony we are about to hold for the first time ever, called a Tara Drupchen. The Drupchen is an ancient Buddhist practice, and yet so relevant for us right now, when every day’s news brings us new reasons to feel deep concern about our future in this world.

Who is Tara?


Tara is a fully realized Buddha in the female form.

She is not a goddess we worship, but rather a profound reminder of the healing power of lovingkindness and courageous compassion that exists in the hearts of everyone.

When we perform a Tara Drupchen, we practice chanting and meditation as a group, with the intention to bring forth a strong sense of lovingkindness and compassion.

During this important period of time, we make meaningful aspirations for ourselves, or for those who are ill or suffering, or who have died, and to bring great strength and love to our connections with each other, and with all beings throughout the world.

Join Us for the Tara Drupchen

If this intention speaks to your heart, we invite you to join us at Nalanda West in Seattle, where we will be coming together for 3 days, between October 28th through the 30th. The Drupchen will be led by Nalandabodhi, a buddhist community , and may be attended by its founder, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Together we will be making offerings, chanting and meditating.

Whether or not you’re able to join us in person, you can still take part in the Tara Drupchen by making a donation to support the event and the special preparations it requires. If you like, you can dedicate your offering to someone in special need, including yourself, or to someone who may have recently passed. Just include a message with your aspiration or wish, and we will include it as part of our practice.

Are you in? To give an offering, click here now.

You can also request to be on our global prayer list, which will be shared with Nalandabodhi centers and study groups across the world, who will also be meditating that weekend.

Fully Sponsor a Practice Session

There are opportunities to fully sponsor one or more of the four daily practice sessions that will take place during the 3-day Tara Drupchen. We will make a special dedication of that session for your intentions. Click here to fully sponsor a session.

Together, let’s cultivate the heart of fearlessness and courage. Let’s inspire compassionate action to help beings in our world.

Thank you, and may you and all beings have peace and happiness.

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