Nalandabodhi's 5th Annual Tara Drupchen - Nalandabodhi International
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Nalandabodhi’s 5th Annual Tara Drupchen

Nalandabodhi International announces its fifth annual Tara Drupchen. This year’s Tara Drupchen is online with practices at Nalanda West in Seattle, Karmapa Center 16 in Chicago, and many Nalandabodhi centers around the world.  

We welcome everyone from around the world to participate for free by joining practices online, making prayer requests, aspirations, and offerings, and choosing to #GoKind in thought, word, and deed.

Our 2020 Tara Drupchen will be especially dedicated to overcoming the current pandemic, to all beings suffering directly or indirectly from it, and to dispelling fear in our world. 

You can make your own prayer requests and aspirations here.

You can learn more about what a Drupchen is and how to register by reading here

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