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What is the “practice of discipline”? In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it’s not about punishment. And how does this practice lead us to awakening?

NB Mexico Dharma Night with Acharya Tashi Wangchuk

During our next Dharma Night, Acharya Tashi will demystify this often-misunderstood practice, clarifying what “discipline” is and what it is not. Acharya will explain the different types and levels of discipline and share how we can cultivate this excellent quality to develop inner peace and to progress on the spiritual path.

Most spiritual practitioners recognize when discipline is lacking. We notice itas a tendency toward laxity or negligence. We may have slipped into habits of laziness and procrastination, or lack earnest effort in cultivating wholesome qualities and engaging in virtuous actions.

When these neurotic qualities show up, it’s a sign that we need to cultivate greater commitment, diligence, and mindful attention to our spiritual practice. Shifting away from laxity in favor of greater dedication and conscientiousness is essential for us to advance on the path to enlightenment.

Dharma Night is an informal gathering where we talk about dharma and learn from each other’s challenges and other experiences. We meditate a little, consider a topic, and enjoy time together. This program is open to everyone and is free of charge.

Please join this informal gathering!

Please join us! For the zoom link, write to and we will send it to you immediately!

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