GŌM is a new Meditation App, developed by Nalandabodhi Taichung, and is currently available for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to set goals, track your practices, and personalize your experience. 

Key Features:

  • Goals and Progress Tracking: Set your own practice or mantra/prayer recitation goals and effortlessly track your progress with customizable counters.
  • Intuitive timer: Easily adjust duration and a variety of bells.
  • Personalize: Create as many different timers or counters as you want. Personalize them with the right image and short text for your practice. 
  • Track mind time outside of the app: Edit and add to your timer or counter history with sessions you completed outside the app at any time.
  • Sync across devices: Login with Apple, Google, or Line to automatically sync the app across iPhone and iPad devices. 

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