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freshmind Guided Meditation: Posture & Breathing

How to establish a correct posture as our foundation and stability, and use the breath as a gentle focal point?

In this guided meditation offered by freshmind, Mark Power kindly helps us to refresh our connection to the body posture and breath, allowing calmness, clarity and mental flexibility to be revealed.

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Tara Drüpchen 2023 – Opening our Hearts

We joyfully announce the eight annual Tara Drupchen to be hosted by the Nalandabodhi International sangha. This weekend practice intensive includes Tara sadhana or ritual practice and teachings from Nalandabodhi teachers.

You are welcome to attend online, make prayer requests, and offer positive aspirations by registering for this free event. Let’s call upon Tara and contribute to some uplifting changes to our world.

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Art and Awe: From Astrophysics to Quantum Mechanics

“Beauty is an emergence marked by the experience of being unable to fully capture it with the aperture or finite attention of the human gaze. This experience … is greater than what we are able to comprehend in any one moment. It therefore always exceeds us in either time, space, or both.” — Seffa Klein

Next in our interconnected series Be Wise Go Kind 2023: Awaken Awe, Mitra Mark Power will talk with Seffa Klein, about the relationship between art and awe and how looking at the vast planetary models of astrophysics and microscopic dimensions of quantum mechanics can contribute to humanity’s uplifted future.

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