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In this age of wired super-connectedness — Facebook, texting, email, and the rest — it’s strangely common to feel a bit lonely. We’re moving so fast, but where are we headed? Who can we talk to about the big questions?

“The Buddha himself was not just interested in ultimate truth and the liberation of individuals from their suffering. He thought deeply about the welfare of society, and his teachings reflect the connection between the development of the individual and social institutions of all kinds.

He taught that we must begin our spiritual journey by working with ourselves and developing our own understanding. Then, step-by-step, we reach a level of realization in which we can open our hearts to all living beings. In this way, the progressive development of the individual becomes the basis for the development of social harmony and cohesion.”

– Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, from Rebel Buddha 

Nalandabodhi offers many ways to connect with companions on the path to awakening. You may want to start by finding a Nalandabodhi Center near you, where you can attend a program, or take a course in the Nalandabodhi Path of Study, the Path of Meditation, or the Path of Mindful Activity.


There are Nalandabodhi centers and study groups throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

The At-Large Center serves our members who do not live near a center or study group.

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Joining the Nalandabodhi community is a significant step. To learn more, contact the center director or membership director at any of our centers. For center email addresses, look here:


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Coming soon! Nalandabodhi members will log in here to enter the Look at Your Mind Cafe, where you can connect to other members and get access to further resources and support for meditation, study, and mindful activity.


Aspirations for This Site

Many generous donors contributed to the project that resulted in the creation of this website. We thank them for their kind support. Many share their aspirations here.