Our Community

We can multiply the power of positivity, kindness, and beneficial action in the world when we deepen our relationships with others.

Nalandabodhi’s international community includes people from different cultures who share a commitment to kindness and clarity. We’re united and inspired to lead a more meaningful life and bring more joy to the world.

Our community provides space for individual exploration while ensuring we aren’t alone on our journey. We work together to bring kindness and compassion into our daily lives. By supporting each other during the difficult times and celebrating the happy ones, our personal transformative process is enhanced by the richness of interconnection.

Nalandabodhi Centers

Our centers are local community spaces that provide:



Study Classes

Meditation Practices


#GoKind projects

Social events


Membership provides access to a greater range of study and practice opportunities, including: 

Nalandabodhi Three Paths Residential Program

The path of awakening consists of Three Wheels: Study, meditation and mindful activity. Nalanda West offers an opportunity to train in these Three Wheels on campus with the support of senior students and Nalandabodhi teachers.

A spiritually-oriented residential retreat program, with its emphasis on lived experience, is a uniquely powerful way to deepen your Buddhist path. It offers a chance for you to delve deeply into the investigation of your whole being and to work with your mind and your potential for wisdom, compassion and kindness.

Interested in joining our Three Paths Residential Program? Learn more