DPR Office (dprO)

Chief of Staff (COS) – Cindy Shelton cindy@dproffice.com

Cindy supports the development and execution of Rinpoche’s many projects and programs. Cindy is co-director of Contemplative Resource Center (CRC) in Bandera, TX.

Contact for: Questions relating to publications and author requests or relating to the Contemplative Resource Center.

Assistant to the COS – Kim Haroche kim@dproffice.com

Kim assists the COS with correspondence, organization, research, and communications relating to Causa, the Contemplative Resource Center (CRC), and other special projects.

Contact for: General questions relating to Rinpoche’s activity and projects and also for any other inquiry not falling into the categories listed on this page.

Mandala Liaison – Darcey Quinn darcey@dproffice.com

Darcey serves as DPR Office liaison to other departments within Nalandabodhi and to other organizations in Rinpoche’s greater mandala.

Contact for: Questions relating to Rinpoche’s activities throughout his greater mandala including Nalandabodhi, Nitartha Institute, Marpa Foundation, etc.

Personal Secretary – Leon Marcus leon@dproffice.com

Leon serves as full time Secretary, attending Rinpoche on his travels, overseeing mandala-wide communications, acting as liaison to organizations hosting Rinpoche, and assisting Rinpoche with personal correspondence from his students, among other duties.

Contact for: Interviews or meetings with Rinpoche at his programs outside of the United States and Canada, and for personal student letters or messages to Rinpoche.

Personal Secretary – Karen de Luna karen@dproffice.com

Karen serves as part-time, Seattle-based Secretary, providing support for Rinpoche generally during his periods of residency in Seattle, and in particular, during Rinpoche’s teaching and retreat programs in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region. 

Contact for: Interviews or meetings with Rinpoche in the United States and Canada.

Personal Secretary – Nelson Wong nelson@dproffice.com

Nelson serves as part-time, Hong Kong-based Secretary, providing support for Rinpoche with all Chinese language matters. 

Contact for: Chinese language correspondence including interviews or meetings with Rinpoche.



Attendant and Tibetan Needs – Tenzin Namdak (Tenam) tenam@dproffice.com

Rinpoche’s long time attendant, Tenam assists Rinpoche with personal needs and issues related to the larger Tibetan community.

Contact for: Matters concerning Nitartha International Publications, Tibetan communications, KTGR nunneries, and Rinpoche’s projects in Tibet.

Schedule – Robert Fors  robert@dproffice.com

Robert is responsible for reviewing all speaking and teaching invitations, maintaining Rinpoche’s annual teaching schedule, and communicating with hosting organizations until event confirmation.

Contact for: Submitting a teaching invitation or questions about Rinpoche’s teaching schedule.

Travel – Midori Nakamura midori@dproffice.com

Midori makes travel arrangements for Rinpoche and staff related to Rinpoche’s teaching schedule. She also works on financial arrangements with hosting organizations.

Contact for: Financial reimbursements for DPR visits.

Finance – Andrew Clark andrew@dproffice.com

Andrew oversees financial matters for dprO.

Contact for: Any financial matters related to dprO

Publications – Cindy Shelton cindy@dproffice.com

Contact for: Questions regarding Rinpoche’s English and foreign language book publications, permissions for use, and requests for print and web articles.

Director of Communications & IT – Ceci Miller ceci@dproffice.com

Ceci is responsible for outreach to the general public, marketing and publicity, and development and maintenance of Rinpoche’s various media outlets. Ceci also oversees IT concerns for dprO.

Contact for: Issues regarding media, publicity, and outreach.

Communications – Carlos Ferreyros carlos@dproffice.com

Carlos is responsible for outreach to the general public, marketing and publicity, and development and maintenance of Rinpoche’s various media outlets. Carlos video records many of Rinpoche’s teaching programs.

Contact for: Issues regarding DPR Facebook pages and outreach, particularly video recording.

IT – Jeff Furlong jeff@dproffice.com

Provides general IT support and guidance to dprO, including server configuration and maintenance, email account management, and software/technology troubleshooting. Develop software for special projects. Liaison between dprO, NBI and the greater mandala for IT support planning and issue resolution.

Contact for: Requests for IT support within Rinpoche’s office.

Household – Midori Nakamura midori@dproffice.com  & Stella Young stella@dproffice.com

Midori and Stella are responsible for the day-to-day management of Rinpoche’s personal residence.

Contact for: The latest dietary guidelines for Ponlop Rinpoche and attendants.

Family Care – Colleen Paul colleen@dproffice.com

Contact for: Matters related to hosting Rinpoche’s family and general family care.