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Beth Patterson

Sangha Health and Wellbeing Director

Beth’s dharma journey goes back to the earliest days of Nalandabodhi. She took took refuge vows with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in New York City in 1995, and became his formal student in 2003. In her heart, she had come home.

Before stepping into her new role, Beth served on the Karma Sangha board of directors of Nalandabodhi. Since her move from Colorado to Miami, she has been the membership coordinator for the Nalandabodhi At Large community. She is also a Nalandabodhi practice instructor.

After witnessing firsthand the horrors of 9/11, Beth decided to quit her career as a Manhattan entertainment lawyer. She headed west to attend Naropa University’s master’s program in transpersonal counseling psychology. Beth has been a psychotherapist and grief counselor since 2006. She has worked as a bereavement counselor, providing emotional support to hospice family members before and after the death of a loved one.

Beth is a writer. She has a blog about Buddhist psychology, trauma, grief, and loss. She has published an ebook, as well, Love Without Limits: Reflections of a Buddhist Psychotherapist.

Factoids: In the ’70s, Beth was a denizen of NYC’s punk rock scene, which centered around the night club CBGB. It was there, listening to the Ramones and Talking Heads, that she cultivated her inner rebel buddha. Needless to say, Beth loves music and dancing. She also does pilates and yoga, and enjoys walks along the beach.

Nalandabodhi International
Sangha Health and Wellbeing Director (SHWB)
Location: Miami, FL, USA

Contact Beth for

  • Support for sangha members dealing with the challenges of birth, old age, sickness, and death
  • Support in coordinating SHWB teams in local centers and study groups
  • Support in locating and providing local resources for local SHWB teams
  • Support for SHWB team members