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Elena Weiss

Human Resources, Membership, and Volunteers Officer

Elena Weiss was born in the United States. She has lived in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Elena spent 20 years in Minneapolis, where she worked for nonprofit organizations dedicated to campaign finance and healthcare reform. She also worked as a manager in retail and manufacturing. Elena volunteered teaching English as a second language to new immigrants, and she studied Spanish in Guatemala, Chile, and Mexico.

Elena moved to Mexico in 2004, inspired by powerful winds of change. She now works as a translator of medical and scientific texts. She joined Nalandabodhi in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in 2008, and became a formal student of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche that same year.

Elena is thankful for the volunteer journey Nalandabodhi has offered her. She has held posts on the U.S. Nalandabodhi National Administration and the Sangha Retreat Organizing Committee (ROC). She is the co-founder and director of Nalandabodhi, Mexico City. She is a practice instructor, a study facilitator, and the coordinator of Nalandabodhi Mexico’s English-Spanish translation project.

Elena enjoys salsa dancing, home improvement projects, walking, gardening, playing the clarinet, and being an adopted grandmother. If you listen carefully, just before bedtime, you might hear her laughing loudly as she plays hide-and-seek with Kiko the cat.

Nalandabodhi International
Human Resources, Membership, and Volunteers Officer
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Contact: elena@nalandabodhi.org

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