Path of Mindful Activity

The Path of Mindful Activity courses provide experience with combining the study of the Buddhist teachings with the practice of meditation, then put both into action. By integrating the practices of mindfulness with the aspiration of bodhichitta (the intention to benefit all beings) the Path of Mindful Activitydirectly engages daily life. In this way Nalandabodhi’s Three Paths of Study, Meditation, and Mindful Activity teach how to fully actualize the potential for wisdom and compassion in all areas of  life.

Students engage in both short term and long-term activities in order to practice mindfulness at either a local center, or by participating in on-line projects. These opportunities develop confidence and skill that can then enhance service to the community as well as practical application to home life.

These activities are fertile ground for the practical techniques taught by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

All of our actions, whether they remain on the level of thought or are expressed in speech or bodily action, have some kind of impact on the mind.
— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


Essential Points Workshop

This weekend workshop presents the heart of the Path of Mindful Activity in an abbreviated and intensive fashion. The workshop is presented in three consecutive sessions over a Friday night and Saturday. It highlights core aspects such as: aspiration, interdependence, mindful action, kindness to self and othera, as well as cultivating genuine presence. These are presented experientially in an action and reflection format. The Essential Points workshop and the Intro Course are precursors for all other Path of Mindful Activity classes and modules.

Introductory Course

Every day we aspire to demonstrate the positive effects of the dharma in our relationships and throughout our lives. The question for many of us is how to develop this skill. This series of six classes  uses a combination of teachings, activities and reflections that enable us to take our understanding to a deeper level. It shows how we can apply to our lives. We explore activities that are influenced by traditional contemplative practices like Japanese flower arranging (ikebana) and Tea Ceremony (chado.) The discoveries we make are then applied to practical activities of daily life.

To take the Essential Points workshop or the course, “Introduction to the Path of Mindful Activity,” please contact a Nalandabodhi center.

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