Sunday teachings

Sunday teachings

Nalandabodhi is hosting teachings on Sundays by our Acharyas, Lamas and Mitres. Through commentaries on traditional Buddhist texts, contemplating together and providing guided meditations these teachers are a great support on our path. 

No matter whether we feel we are only a beginner or heard already many times about certain topics and have quite some meditation experience – there is always a possibility for anyone to gain a new understanding and to take something positive from these teachings. 

From Shakyamuni to our teachers today

The historical Shakyamuni Buddha taught over 2.500 years ago in ancient India, showing us a path to both a meaningful life and true awakening. He also pointed out that we need to listen to the teachings, followed by our own contemplation and meditation. It is through our investigation and experience that we connect with the wisdom & kindness within ourselves. 

Though the buddhist teachings have spread throughout Asia from the very beginning for centuries, it is only recently that it arrived in the western parts of our world. Our Acharyas and Lamas have been part of this development. They are all deeply trained in the ‘east’ and, for many years, have familiarized themselves with the ‘west’. Whereas our Mitras, rooted in the western parts of this world, have been studying, practicing and guided to offer the Dharma in ways that fit with time and place for anyone interested in the path of awakening, freedom and compassion. 

Path and lineage

Bringing both worlds together they pass on the Buddhist tradition and make them relevant for and approachable for everyone living today. In this way they transmit the Buddha’s teachings to all of us. It is through this transmission that the Buddhist teachings still exist today. Likewise, it is our responsibility to listen, contemplate and meditate well. To progress on our own path and keep this precious lineage alive. 

Nalandabodhi’s path is especially rooted in the Vajrayana tradition of the Nyingma and Kagyu school of Buddhism, which were established in Tibet during the first millennium. Our Acharyas and Lama will, therefore, oftentimes teach on root texts and commentaries from this precious lineage.

So, please join us for our Sunday teachings!