Thank you. Your donations make a difference, no matter the size.

To relieve suffering through 21st century Buddhist teachings that reveal how we can live in a steady state of mindful awareness, joining wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all. Your generosity is much appreciated. You may donate to any of the programs listed here.

One Heart Mandala

A mandala is an environment of wisdom and compassion that supports people in understanding and working with their mind. In Nalandabodhi, this environment is created by: teachers and practice instructors; the paths of study, meditation, and mindful activity; our centers, study groups, member services, and scholarships.  + more

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche Archives

You can help us preserve and archive the recorded teachings of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche, and the Nalandabodhi Lamas, Acharyas and Mitras by donating to this project.  + more



Scholarship Fund
for Sangha Retreat

Your donations to this fund are used for scholarships for people who are eligible to attend the Annual Retreat but whose financial situation makes it difficult for them to attend. Please enter an amount. Thank you for your generosity.  + more

NalandaWest Chairs:
Shrine Room and Dining

As part of the ongoing upliftment of the center, and in honor of NalandaWest’s 10th anniversary, we will be replacing the folding chairs in the Mahabodhi Shrine Room and the dining room. This will ensure the comfort of visitors, especially those with physical ailments. + more

Where the Need
is Greatest

All of the activity of Nalandabodhi is rooted in the intention to awaken hearts and minds to their natural state of compassionate joy. We fulfill this mission by making the timeless Buddhist teachings available in forms that are relevant and applicable to 21st century life. This commitment means that your donations are put to use with great respect and care. When you donate here, you ensure that your gift goes to the current area of greatest need for Nalandabodhi. + more


Your support for translation, editing, and publication of precious Tibetan Buddhist texts into English, in forms relevant to 21st century students, resulted in the Nalandabodhi 3 Paths courses series that form the basis of Nalandabodhi Meditation, Study, and Mindful Activity. + more

Capital Campaign

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of NalandaWest, we have launched a capital campaign to pay down our mortgage loan. Your participation at any level is much appreciated! + more

Bodhi Seeds

You can help us provide basic health care through the clinic at Rumtek, Sikkim, India; basic support to the monks of Rumtek Monastery; and educational support for the children of Rumtek. + more




Planned Giving, Stock Transfer and In-kind Giving

Including Nalandabodhi in your will or living trust is a wonderful way to continue the legacy of awakened heart and mind. Designate your gift to whatever program most moves your heart. Giving equities and in-kind gifts make Nalandabodhi’s long-term financial sustainability possible, and offers significant tax advantages to donors. Please contact us at for more details.