One Heart Mandala (OHM) Fund

A mandala is an environment of wisdom and compassion that supports people in understanding and working with their mind. In Nalandabodhi, this environment is created by: teachers and practice instructors; the paths of study, meditation, and mindful activity; our centers, study groups, member services, and scholarships.

When you give to this fund, you are making an offering towards:

  • Food and basic household expenses for teachers’ residence, lamas and acharyas
  • Health care for DPR and attendant, lamas, acharyas resident in Seattle
  • Basic support for teaching activities of the Mitra Council and development of Nalandabodhi Three Paths course materials
  • Maintenance and mortgage for our sangha home, Nalanda West

Note:  Since its founding, Nalandabodhi has operated as a volunteer-driven community. For this reason, our administrative costs are relatively low for a community of this size.

Without your generosity, Nalandabodhi could not play its unique role in fostering the emergence of a genuine 21st century Buddhism. When you support this operating fund, you are nourishing a vibrant contemporary environment of Buddhist study, meditation, and mindful activity.

“Genuine altruism comes from a state of equanimity. We’re at peace with ourselves and content with what we have. Having overcome self-fixation, we’re relaxed and happy. Giving is effortless and a source of joy.”
– Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche