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We are all seeking happiness and try to avoid suffering. Likewise we are looking for meaning in our lives. Yet, for all kinds of reasons, we sometimes lack the wisdom and skills to accomplish this. How do we progress on our path to experience more happiness and meaning in life, and live with more kindness? 

Usually every month Nalandabodhi hosts a talk by one of our Mitra’s intended for everyone, no matter what background or where you live in the world. In a very practical and personal manner, our so-called ‘Mitra talks’ offer tools to progress on our path and deal with challenges we are facing in our lives. 

Our deeply cherished Mitras each walk their own unique path. They carry the title “Mitra” as an outcome of being a long-time student of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and deeply trained in Buddhist tradition in general and within the three paths of Study, Meditation and Mindful Activity within Nalandabodhi in particular. 

The title ‘Mitra’ is drawn from the Sanskrit Kalyanamitra and can be translated as “spiritual friend”. In this sense you can also think of our Mitra Talks simply as being guided by and in direct conversation with a spiritual friend on your path, together with others from all over the world.

Upcoming Mitra Talks

On Meeting Tara

Don’t you wish you were Tara – the symbol of our fearless, loving heart? In her Mitra Talk our dear Mitra Lee Worley, who is like the embodiment of feminine power herself, will introduce us further to Tara. Let’s meet and greet her together.

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