Path of Mindful Activity

The Path of Mindful Activity offers inspiration, instruction, and practical methods to fuel the journey to full awakening.

  • How can we embody the insight gained from our studies and the experience of meditation?
  • How can we make the most of the precious opportunities of this life?
  • How can we keep our connection with dharma fresh, personal, and heartfelt?

By engaging with compassion and mindfulness—in everyday life and through dharma service—we build the positive habits of kindness, generosity, and letting go. Offering both formal workshops and on-the-spot practice ideas drawn from many sources, PoMA supports our aspiration to be fully present, with good intention, in each moment.

The Path of Mindful Activity serves as a bridge linking study, meditation, and our daily lives. PoMA also helps us deepen our connection to Buddha, dharma, and sangha through service. When approached as practice and as path, dharma service provides an indispensable opportunity: to watch our minds as we practice the habit of letting go—with the support of other practitioners doing the same.

Nalandabodhi Centers and members also offer mindful activity in support of our broader communities. Our #GoKind projects include serving people who are homeless, incarcerated, or experiencing suffering related to illness, hunger, or other stressors.

This path of mindful activity is indispensable for arousing the courage we need to connect with our heart of enlightenment and the experience of immeasurable love and kindness for all beings.