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Trusting in Conflict

In the idealized sangha, everyone joyfully comes together and shares study and practice space. It is beautiful. However, what of the pain of community and the challenges we face together?” Stephanie Mikolaj asks. “Can there be a place for pain and conflict in this precious jewel, and can it in fact strengthen our bonds to one another?

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Death, Dying and Living: Tools for the Path – Starting October 29, 2023

“When we truly know that with every ending, there is also renewal, we begin to relax. Our minds become open to the process of change. We feel we can actually touch reality and are no longer afraid of death. We can learn to live well and fully now, with the understanding that death is not something apart from life.”

Nalandabodhi New York offers an online series of highly interactive conversations about incorporating Buddhist teachings into living a more joyful life and experiencing a better death, drawing instructions from a variety of teachers, including Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s book Mind Beyond Death.

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Not Even a Middle – Path of Study Course Online (Mahayana 303) – NB Akasha – Starting Oct. 2023

At first, turn away from non-virtue,
In the middle, dispel misconceptions of self,
Finally, go beyond all philosophical views—
One who understands this is wise indeed.
(Āryadeva, Four Hundred Verses, 8.15)

Madhyamaka is the supreme view that goes beyond all views. Nalandabodhi Akasha offers a Path of Study Online Course to bring us closer to conceptual certainty and non-conceptual glimpses of understanding.

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The Fundamental Discoveries of the Buddha – Introduction to Buddhism Course – Oct-Dec 2023

What is mind? How do we understand reality? How can we reduce the suffering of ourselves and other beings?

Our local sangha, Nalandabodhi Seattle, will offer our Introduction to Buddhism Course, taking us into a cycle of teachings based on the fundamental discoveries of the Buddha. Please join us in exploring the practice of mindfulness and the meaning of the spiritual journey from a Buddhist perspective.

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4th Annual MRC Open Retreat – Cultivating the Heart of Loving-Kindness with Lama Rabten Tshering

How to let go of our self-centeredness and clinging and develop genuine loving kindness and compassion towards others, without discrimination and without expecting anything in return?

During this year’s MRC Open Retreat, Nalandabodhi Canada’s resident teacher, Lama Rabten Tshering, will lead us in an exploration of the great Buddhist master Atisha’s “Seven Points of Mind Training” and guide us in practice cultivating the heart of loving-kindness.

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Emotional Rescue Method with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

How can we relate to our emotions skillfully so that we can benefit from their richness and glean wisdom, rather than letting them control us?

As the keynote speaker at the Contemplation by Design 2023 conference organized by Stanford University, Rinpoche will lead us through the three steps of his Emotional Rescue Method.

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