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Train in bodhicitta through Lojong

Lojong is a mind-training practice that centers on a set of 59 slogans. The practice, created by Atisha (980-1052 CE), aims to help practitioners train in bodhicitta. Nalandabodhi New York invites both experienced and new practitioners to join these weekly mind-training sessions.

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Mind Cramp

While exploring what it means to relax, the author discovers a personal practice that helps expand the sense of what is possible.

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The three excellences

It is said that in order for our dharma practice to be fully engaged and connected, it must be embraced by the Three Excellences. During our weekend retreat, Lama Rabten will explain these, how to apply them in practice, and why they are important.

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Mitra Talks: More than mindfulness—mindless Mahāmudrā

“Meditation” does not mean meditating on something; rather, it means to become familiar with the nature of our mind. (Milarepa). This Mitra talk will be the first in a series, taught by Mitra Dean Karl Brunnhölzl, exploring the meaning of Mahāmudrā and the role of mindfulness in this, from a beginner up to “mindless Mahāmudrā.”

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Merging Into the Lane of Change

After the initial shock of a sudden company merger, and an accompanying resistance to that change, the author recalls a wisdom tale that illustrates the fluid concepts of “fortune” and “misfortune,” and recommends a journal exercise.

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Training in Aspiration Bodhicitta

The intention to attain an enlightened mind for the sake of others is called Bodhicitta. In five sessions, Lama Rabten Tshering will explore five aspects of training in aspiration Bodhicitta and how to apply this in our practice.

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