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Celebrating Chötrul Düchen 2024

Please join NB Vancouver for celebrating Chötrul Düchen. Mitra Lee Worley will begin the celebration with online reflections on this auspicious occasion.

Chötrul means “Miracles” and Düchen means “Great Occasion.” This holiday celebrates Buddha Shakyamuni’s fifteen consecutive days of teachings and miracles, which deepened the spiritual realization and devotion of his students.

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Introduction to Buddhism Course: The Life of the Buddha and the Spiritual Journey (offered by NB Colorado March 2024)

Are we genuinely interested in searching for the truth and deeper meaning of life? What does it mean to be on a spiritual journey? And how can we learn from Prince Siddhartha’s own journey, who came to be known as the Buddha or the Awakened One?

Our local sangha Nalandabodhi Colorado will start a new Introduction to Buddhism Course which takes us to the very heart of the spiritual path. Please join us in exploring our mind’s innate nature of wisdom and compassion.

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Stillness in Motion

“A foundational principle and inherent experience in the practice of tai chi is stillness within motion; the two are inseparable. Although we are often caught up in or distracted by the busyness and confusion of movement, both physical and mental, there is always an element of stillness to connect with.”

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Feelings and the Universe

“It may seem impossible to live without being carried away by emotions, but we can respond differently. We can let emotions be part of our life, but not be controlled by them. And we must control our negative actions in response to those emotions. This will benefit ourselves and everyone around us,” writes Brazilian sangha member Sebastião Miranda.

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