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Online Study Group of Gampopa’s Ornament of Precious Liberation

Gampopa was the foremost student of the great yogi Milarepa and well-known for uniting the Kadam tradition and the Mahāmudrā teachings in the Kagyü lineage. The Ornament of Precious Liberation, is the treasure of the Kagyü lineage, and is highly respected and studied by all Buddhist traditions.

Please join this Online Study Group hosted by NB Netherlands, studying Gampopa’s Ornament of Precious Liberation such that we learn how to put it into practice.

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Acharya Lama Tenpa Mahamudra Vipashyana Tour – 2024

How do we let go of the intellectual constructs and directly experience mind’s true nature?

Please be part of a Tour of your Mind with Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen giving Mahamudra Vipashyana teachings on direct perception – a precious opportunity to receive instructions from a lineage master and experience the power and blessing of practicing together.

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Path of Study Online Course: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness – Starting June 11

How to really see, be with and go through the experiences of our body, feelings, mind, and phenomena? In order words, how to build a strong foundation in our mindfulness practice?

Nalandabodhi Colorado offers our Introduction to Buddhism Course, part 4, exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Please join us to connect with a natural calmness, but also to uncover profound insights that bring freedom from suffering.

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