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Nalandabodhi has centers around the world and a vibrant online community – everyone is welcome!

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Nalanda West is located in Seattle, Washington. It is the headquarters of Nalandabodhi International and is the home of Nalandabodhi Seattle. Nalanda West is a dynamic events center with its own programming inspired by the Five Fields of Knowledge originally taught at Nalanda University in ancient India.


South America


Nalandabodhi Akasha

Nalandabodhi Akasha is our online center and is for those who can’t regularly attend our physical centers. Akasha is Sanskrit for sky.

This online community gathers together for online meditation, and has access to Path of Study courses and webcasted events from our other Nalandabodhi centers.

To connect with the Nalandabodhi Akasha Center, please visit or email


Membership provides access to a greater range of study and practice opportunities, including: 

  • Deelname aan retreats, lessen en programma's voor leden
  • A structured and integrated practice path that progresses towards and includes Vajrayana, for those interested
  • A Practice Instructor to act as a friendly guide along the journey