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Sharon Najarian

Community Building, Health, and Wellbeing Officer

Sharon Najarian was born near New York City into a mixed Indo-European family, Armenian and Irish. She studied language, theory, and literature at the New School before leaving the United States in 1994 to wander aimlessly. Between journeys, she worked variously as a teacher, writer, editor, proofreader, and translator.

A dharma student since the late 1980s, Sharon has been a formal student of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche since 2010. She has travelled and lived across the globe, including three years in Asia, where she visited many sacred sites in Tibet, Nepal, and India. Her connection to Nalandabodhi’s lineage happened seemingly by chance, when she stumbled across a copy of Wild Awakening by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in a library in Paris.

Now settled in rural Italy, Sharon devotes her time to raising a family and to watching the clouds by day and the stars by night. She is busy working on a house that will double as a retreat space for students who wish to practice in an idyllic setting, between the snow-capped Apennines and the deep blue Adriatic sea.

Nalandabodhi International
Sangha Community Building, Health and Wellbeing Officer
Location: Italy

Contact Sharon for

  • Community building initiatives
  • Help with conflict resolution and advice on sangha cohesion
  • To raise your voice regarding sangha well being