Cheerful Lunar New Year! Nalandabodhi to celebrate Wood Horse year on March 2

Friday, January 31 marks the dawning of the new lunar year of the Male Wood Horse, according to the Tsurluk astrological system of the Karma Kagyu lineage. Cheerful lunar new year! May your lives be abundant with the richness of dharma, with its trainings in wisdom and compassion, and of all positive conditions to support you and your families, and all those whose lives connect with yours. May all be auspicious!

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How To Take Crisis As An Opportunity By Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Every form of disaster, crisis or setback is actually a chance for us to create an opportunity. It’s a great space to be in actually. You know, we usually say, “Oh, it’s good because we learn from these things.” And that’s great, of course. But it’s not just that we learn from difficult experiences. It’s that when disaster strikes, suddenly there’s an open space in which we can create something new.

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