Video: The 17th Karmapa’s Talk at Google

Here’s the entire YouTube video of His Holiness Karmapa’s talk at Google headquarters to employees about mindfulness and meditation, with Mitra Dean Tyler Dewar translating. This was a “fireside chat” with Chade-Meng Tan on March 16, which was live streamed to all of Google’s offices worldwide, but can now be viewed by all online.

During his talk, HH Karmapa said to the audience: “Of course mindfulness is a well-known phenomenon these days. I think most of us have a basic understanding of what it means, but you can say from a common perspective of what is presented in the Buddhist teachings, the essential meaning of mindfulness is that it teaches us how to take care of our mind, how to give our mind some guidance. In the beginning our mind is like a small child. Small children need guidance and boundaries, if they don’t have any guidance or boundaries they can get into trouble. So, mindfulness is a method to take care of our mind and give it some guidelines, and in that way, understand its true state more clearly.”

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