Nalandabodhi East Coast Retreat Registration Ends December 19, 2019

Relax, reflect, and open 2020 with fresh insight for living mindfully no matter what life brings!

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche explains, “Mahamudra is a contemplative Buddhist tradition known for its simplicity. The practice is to be genuine, relaxed, and aware in every situation in life, to accept and appreciate who we are. The practice of Mahamudra is an experience of our mind that’s completely free and joyful, no matter what our life brings us.”

This year’s Winter Retreat is a unique opportunity to enter into the New Year with meditation, teachings, discussion, and song in a beautiful setting in Connecticut. The retreat will focus on the integration of teachings and practice in simple yet profound ways that can be brought into our everyday lives.

All are Welcome!
This retreat is open to and suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators. Participants will benefit from a supportive meditation environment and excellent teachers. There will be opportunities for Q & A after teachings and various other activities during the retreat. Since this retreat is available to the general public (some prior meditation experience is recommended but not required) it’s a great opportunity to invite friends or family!

To learn more and to register, please read here.

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