Tara Practices & Trainings with Lama Rabten – in preparation for Tara Drüpchen 2023

Please join Lama Rabten Tshering in preparation for Nalandabodhi’s eight Tara Drüpchen. 

Lama Rabten will conduct morning weekday Tara Practices (in Tibetan) from Mon., Sept. 4 til Wed., Sept 20 (10 am – 11:40 am PDT).  Open to all. In particular, people involved in Tara Drupchen* rituals are encouraged to attend as often as possible.

Lama Rabten will also lead three formal training sessions on Tara Drupchen* rituals (in English), from Wed., Sept. 6 – Fri., Sept. 8 (7:30 pm – 8:30 pm PDT). The training will use English liturgy as a basis. Open to all.  People involved in Tara Drupchen rituals are strongly encouraged to attend on-site, if possible.

To reiterate: The weekday morning practices and evening training sessions are open to anyone who wishes to learn and practice. No restrictions. 

In-person: Maitrivana, 4610 Earles St., Vancouver BC

OnlineFor all sessions, please use Zoom link:
Topic: Tara Practice & Training with Lama Rabten
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Meeting ID: 867 7124 3975

Passcode: 064291

*What is a Drupchen?
Drupchen is a practice-intensive retreat in the Vajrayana tradition. Nalandabodhi International has held a fall Tara Drupchen since 2016. This year, the Tara Drupchen is Fri., Sept. 22 to Sun., Sept. 24, on-site at Nalanda West (Seattle) and online. Please click here for more details.

What is Tara practice? In many wisdom traditions, loving-kindness is said to be the antidote to fear. In Vajrayana Buddhism, the figure of Tara symbolizes loving-kindness and compassion — and a strong resolve to dispel the fears of all beings. In Tara practice we connect with the fearless and compassionate nature of our own mind through many methods—visualization, making offerings, chanting, and meditation. This enables us to embody those qualities more fully in our daily life.

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